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The history of Holsteinshus

Our cozy masonry villa with its central location in the heart of Odder has a lot of history behind it. It's not the first time the doors have been opened to guests from outside - albeit in a slightly different sense than they are today.

You can both feel and see the history of the house when you enter our doors and find pictures of the house through the ages, but we would also like to give you an insight into the history here.

The house

The first part of the masonry villa was built back in 1900 and therefore did not look the same as it does today. This is where the main house was built and extensions have been added since. The second half of the house and our iconic conservatory were built in 1916, leaving Holsteinshus much as you see it today. A few years later, the cozy greenhouse was also built. 

In-house medical practice

The extensions were built when the then medical officer of health lived in the house and worked there until 1941. However, this was not the last time the house was the setting for a medical practice - practicing doctor Vejby-Christensen took over Holsteinshus after the medical officer and practiced here for more than 40 years. Some guests have even told us that they remember how they used to get their vaccinations here.


The house had various owners until 2018, when we bought the house and embarked on a major renovation. With care and attention to the originality of the house, we wanted to restore its warmth and soul. The ground floor was transformed into our private residence, while the first floor and the many rooms were turned into our Bed and Breakfast.

It was also in this context that we chose to recreate the iconic and beautiful greenhouse, which had unfortunately been demolished. The greenhouse was recreated from pictures of the original to recreate and preserve the charming surroundings of the house. The garden has also been an ongoing project, where we have created several cozy nooks and areas perfect for having a good time in tranquil surroundings. 

A common thread back in time

And in the same room where the medical practice used to be, Susanne now has her psychology practice, which ties a nostalgic thread back to the history of the house with the practice here. 

It is also in this room that the familiar bay window, which you can see on the corner of the house, is located. And it is this bay window that characterizes Holsteinshus and which artist Lene Rosenberg has transformed into the logo for our lovely B&B. 

Experience the history in Holsteinshus B&B

If you'd like to see some of the history of the house the next time you visit us, you'll find a little nook at the foot of the stairs to the rooms where you can see the beautiful pictures that reflect the house through the ages. 

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